Always be prepared for what disasters may come.

Keys to being prepared for a disaster

Stephen Perkins

No matter what kind of emergency or disaster pops up, companies need to have a data backup and recovery plan to ensure everything runs smoothly. Jennifer Mazzanti, president of eMazzanti Technologies, said businesses must be prepared with disaster recovery to make sure their network survives as businesses in the U.S. are more likely to be affected by a disaster this year due to the spread of online services and data centers across the country.

Some steps Mazzanti suggested to stay prepared include:
- Focus on prevention by assessing risk and business impact
- Have a plan for disaster recovery, especially for the key areas of IT that will need to be kept online, including financial and legal issues, media and insurance
- Ensure the plan for recovery and backup stays current
- All IT assets need to be inventoried to ensure each server can be easily recovered
- A team or leader should be put in place to help get the ball rolling on disaster recovery when need be

TechTarget contributor Andre Gold said testing will be the final piece needed to make sure the program in place works and will recover all data without any hitches. Having a good plan in place for testing consistently is an absolute must for businesses of all sizes.

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