Be sure the company is ready for the ills of hurricane season.

Lock down data if it has not been done yet

Stephen Perkins

With hurricane season coming soon, Elliot Markowitz, otherwise known as the VAR Guy, wrote on his blog that it is time for companies to make sure their information is locked down and kept safe with data backup. While many companies may not think this affects them, the use of cloud computing and offsite data centers means every company has to think about what kind of downtime effects this could have on their organization.

"So the big question is, what have you as a solution provider done during the past year to better equip your customers to handle a catastrophic event, either a man-made or natural disaster?" he said. "With hurricane season nearly upon us, are you comfortable that your customers have a well thought-out storage, recovery and business continuity plan?"

Technology investment only goes so far, Markowitz said, as organizations will need to be sure they have their own continuity plan that makes sure everything is done exactly as it needs to be to stay secure.

According to a recent report by one data backup company, 85 percent of small and midsize businesses are experiencing some kind of problem with backup and recovery. Getting this sorted out will be a key toward establishing a more secure network.

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