Testing a disaster recovery plan should include making sure employees are prepared.

Making sure disaster recovery is competent

Stephen Perkins

Measuring how well a disaster recovery solution is working is essential for an organization. Paul Kirvan wrote on TechTarget that typical metrics for measurement include knowledge, experience and motivation. These will all help a business tell whether or not their system is competent, something that will be an important point of knowledge if disaster strikes or an outage occurs. The human aspect of a system is also key, as he said business leaders should know how well employees will respond during a crisis.

"Does an individual remain calm, perform his or her duties in accordance with the playbook and training, and steadily handle stress-filled situations that often arise in disasters?" Kirvan asked. "Or does that individual freeze, become indecisive, demonstrate lack of emotional control, or panic?"

After checking if the system is working well, he said a competence check of employees should include the ability to give and follow directions, adapt to changing situations, lead others and quickly assess, understand and work through a situation.

The Disaster Recovery Journal contributor Geoffrey Wold said regular testing has many benefits, including determining how feasible recovery is, verifying data backup, having a better plan for maintenance and identifying any problems that may exist in the system.

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