Don't let an outage take the organization by surprise; ask questions of the disaster recovery program.

Plan disaster recovery by asking important questions

Stephen Perkins

Without a proper disaster recovery plan in place, there may be information from an organization that is lost forever. However, industry professional Hywel Matthews wrote on Computer Weekly that with a few simple questions, organizations can get their plan back on track.

Questions companies should ask include:
- Can users connect to an application that is running from the disaster recovery solution?
- Will the disaster recovery infrastructure be affected by the same disaster that harmed the data center in the first place?
- Are processes of disaster recovery documented and understood?
- How has the recovery plan been designed? Is it in sync with data applications?

Testing should be done to make sure all of these questions are properly answered.

"DR tests are scary and expensive, but are invaluable exercises which assess both the disaster recovery solution and the people who execute it," Matthews said. "Regular DR tests alleviate the stresses associated with the unknown and regular practice will reduce time to recovery in disaster scenarios."

TechTarget said communications, data backup and application recovery should all be the focus of a disaster recovery test as well. Organizations should also question whether or not other areas of the network should be tested.

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