Businesses must plan for a certain level of risk.

Plan for risk in business

Stephen Perkins

While risk isn't generally a pleasant subject for many companies, it must be a thought when considering issues such as business continuity so that operations can keep going even in the face of the toughest obstacles. Eric Kreuter, a partner with Marks, Paneth & Shron, wrote for Metropolitan Corporate Counsel that the costs of a data backup and recovery program will be bigger than one that will simply protect against lost data; the consequences deem this necessary.

"Humans do not like to consider catastrophic potentials, but history does teach that such events can and do occur," he wrote. "Some business strategies consider this risk better than others. Some people will look at events that have occurred, such as recent hurricanes or terrorist activities, and alter their perceptions. Others will choose to ignore such actual events."

From these events, he believes that losses will depend on how much the owners of companies decided to manage their risk and weigh the benefits of planning for business continuity. Having online data backup or a similar solution in place should help solve a number of issues for organizations in the stead of completely losing information.

Jerrett Potts, a data backup professional, wrote on Data Center Knowledge that it is important to remember that disaster recovery is simply a small part of a business continuity plan and general backup, among other issues, should be kept in mind as well.

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