Planning, execution critical for effective data protection

Planning, execution critical for effective data protection

Stephen Perkins

Organizations, regardless of size or which sector they might operate within, have to mitigate a growing number and diversity of threats to continuity today than ever before. Many firms have started to take a more proactive approach to disaster recovery planning and online backup to avoid falling victim to data loss and breach, both of which can have severe financial and reputation-related repercussions. 

Data backup and security should be at the forefront of corporate objectives going into the new year, as the costs associated with a failure to protect information and systems only continues to rise. 

Companies finally get aboard
ITWeb recently reported that a new survey it conducted of South African businesses revealed that firms are largely beginning to recognize the importance of comprehensive DR planning and investments. Organizations from around the globe, especially smaller businesses that do not have flexible budgets, have been increasingly scrutinized by experts and regulators for a lack of attention on continuity in the past several years. 

However, this is the latest study to indicate that decision makers are answering the call for more progressive and secure data and system protection programs. According to the news provider, 74 percent of respondents said that they have a disaster recovery plan in place, while just under two-thirds stated that they have adequately communicated its contents to employees in all departments.

This highlights the importance of integrating people, processes and technology into the DR plan. Employees need to be trained how to best use the tools that are available to them, as well as which responsibilities they will have should a disaster strike. 

ITWeb added that a lack of DR plans will most often lead to poor brand credibility, disrupted operations, systematic outages and severe financial strain. With online backup solutions becoming more affordable and intuitive every day, leaders need to consider investing for long-term stability. 

Account for software
StateTech Magazine contributor Greg Schulz recently explained why managers responsible for DR planning and management should always have a measurement and accounting system in place for the software used to backup data and systems. The source asserted that businesses should have an accurate and constantly updated inventory of all software being used by employees, even those that are not involved in DR, and find ways to back up the applications to minimize outages. 

Online backup services can be leveraged to affordably protect systems, data and applications in the event of unforeseen, adverse conditions. 

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