Businesses can be severely damaged by natural events; planning is a must.

Planning to survive harsh weather with data backup

Stephen Perkins

Every small business needs to take responsibility for the "what if"s of the world. Any sort of natural disaster has the potential to obliterate a successful business, so IT professional John Eldh wrote on the VAR Guy blog that many businesses don't have a proper data backup and disaster recovery plan in place.

"The fact is, natural disasters don't play favorites – hurricanes and earthquakes do not decide to only flood large enterprises, for instance, or cause power outages in organizations with thousands of employees," he wrote. "For example, last fall's Hurricane Sandy left more than 7 million homes and businesses without any power, some for extended periods of time."

Smaller companies can be devastated by even a short downtime such as this, so Eldh said there should be a partnership in place with a provider to help these organizations have backups of all critical and sensitive data in case something does go severely wrong. Each company will have to know where to store backups and how they will be able to access them once a plan is in place.

Baseline Magazine said no one solution is universally acceptable. Some companies are far more flexible in how quickly they can have data backup in place, but others will need long-time planning to be sure everything is in its right place.

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