Small businesses must ensure all of their information is accounted for in the event of a disaster.

Preparation for small business disasters a must

Stephen Perkins

Data loss prevention is one of the most important considerations a small business can have in place in the modern age. Techgoodu said it is a common sense first step to create a disaster recovery plan with analysis of how long the company can survive without IT, data backup and more to ensure even if everything goes wrong, there is still a plan to fall back on. One suggestion from the website is using cloud backup to make sure the business' important data is always readily available.

"There are several reasons an organization might want to consider SaaS options and disaster recovery should definitely be part of that equation," the website said. "Having your line-of-business software served and accessed in the cloud takes your data offsite. There, the data is backed up and replicated by companies able to implement expensive disaster recovery solutions by leveraging economies of scale."

Another service that could be useful is online data backup where data can be colocated in another server to make sure, even if the primary network goes down, there is another way information can be accessed.

Small Business Computing said organizations must be flexible in their disaster recovery plan. Companies should consistently review what methods are being used and which alternatives may be better suited for the company.

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