Disasters can happen; businesses must be prepared.

Preparing business in case of disaster

Stephen Perkins

The importance of keeping data backup in place can be seen through the recent years, as many small organizations have faltered after a crisis happens. A recent survey showed that 41 percent of small and midsize businesses stated that downtime of their mission critical servers was $150,000 or more, something that could be absolutely crippling, according to eWEEK. IT professional Bob Davis wrote on Data Center Journal that businesses need to look into what data backup and disaster recovery service can do for them, as there are now new and less expensive technologies that can work even better than previous software.

"These include faster recovery times, easier rebuilds, hardware-independent recovery, bootable backups and bare-metal restore," he wrote. "Successful solutions will require integration with legacy and current data, scale to handle big data, span virtualized and cloud environments and implement automation while integrating the functions of backup protection and disaster recovery."

With the priority growing for better data backup, Davis said so too should the IT budget to adopt this technology. IT professionals should always be looking for what else their organization needs to protect the growing level and sensitivity of data to be sure they are covered in the face of cyberthreats and natural disasters.

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