Storms and outages are unavoidable and should be accounted for.

Problem is not lack of preparedness, but poor overall planning

Stephen Perkins

Many companies would like to believe that their disaster recovery plans are fool-proof and fail-safe. But, according to EarthLink Business, almost half of all organizations that experience data loss end up going out of business, even if they believe they are prepared for anything.

Tech Page One contributor Michael O'Dwyer said that even if a turn of events is unavoidable, like a major storm causing extended outages, customers often end up seeking out other enterprises that have not suffered. This is why it is imperative for businesses to take a proper risk inventory of their operations. More often than not, this will include seeking out an offsite backup solution.

"Operational risk management is a key component of any security practice," said Steve Adegbite, senior vice president in charge of enterprise information security program oversight and strategy for Wells Fargo. "This principle has been exercised since the dawn of time when cave men weighed the outcome of certain scenarios… [such as the] risk of hunting that wild animal to eat or having that wild animal eat him."

What it all boils down to is that things of value should be placed where they cannot be obtained by thieves or other undesirables. In most disaster recovery scenarios, these "undesirables" often come in the form of harsh weather and fires. Keeping backup data servers online seems counterproductive when considered in this way. It makes perfect sense to "hide" them in remote locations, so to speak. This means that at least two copies of files and applications exist at all times. Even if the backup server goes down, the original is still in place and vice versa.

According to Adgebite, no one should be completely confident in their risk management planning. Due to unavoidable uncertainties, there is a certain point where all precautions will fail. It is important to embrace this, as understanding limitations is the first step to being prepared for anything. 

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