Offsite backup is great for small businesses.

Small businesses benefit from remote backup

Stephen Perkins

Disaster is an indiscriminate thing. An accidental fire has just as much chance of occurring in a small business as it does in a Fortune 500 office. The scale of the operation should not be a deciding factor in what kind of data recovery solutions need to be sought out. Because anything can happen at any time, it is critical for smaller companies especially to prepare for the absolute worst. The downtime that can result from an ineffective strategy can risk sending an entire business into bankruptcy.

A solid continuity plan is essential for companies of all sizes. The recovery methods within these guidelines should include all-encompassing aspects such as offsite backup.

Unpredictable phenomena a major concern for smaller organizations
Unfortunately, there is no way to tell what is in store for a business. As unlikely as it sounds, storms and flooding can take out a company's servers. For businesses that might not have as many resources as their larger competitors, this can be completely disastrous. 

Part of preparing for the unexpected involves establishing recovery time objectives.

"Defining and agreeing your recovery time objectives is one of the most important items you set during the analysis and design stages of the business continuity lifecycle," wrote Continuity Central contributor Charlie Maclean-Bristol. "There should be a list of RTOs relevant to your plans within the document so you can make sure that you are going to recover your operations at an agreed time."

This is where it helps to have online backup ready in the wings at an offsite location. By charging a trained staff with the responsibilities of redundancy management, small businesses can be prepared to restore important files and system settings at a moment's notice.

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