Disasters can be devastating to a business. Solutions must be in place to help organizations save their data.

Small businesses can get helping hand with security

Stephen Perkins

There have been a lot of disasters in the U.S. over the past 10 years and many small businesses have had to deal with the implications of what they mean for their organizations. The News Star said the national network of America's Small Business Development Centers is looking to help small organizations with assistance during their times of need. These organizations should have a recovery plan in place, including tools like online data backup to help weather the storms, whether natural or manmade, that could affect how they do business.

"Whether it is a hurricane, tornado, landslide, or wildfire, natural disasters can be devastating to small businesses," said Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, according to the news source. "That's why I'm happy to hear that the Association of Small Business Development Centers has agreed to support SBDCs through disaster assistance around the country when disasters strike. Being able to share important resources such as staff, best practices, and supporting materials is vital for a successful recovery."

TechTarget said said there are many tools needed as part of a successful disaster recovery plan for small and midsize organizations. These can include authentication tools, knowledge of geographic risks and factors at play, the priority order for what should be recovered first, instruction and education on what needs to be done for proper recovery and a data backup tool that will help with restoring individual computers and network files.

Other tips from the website include:
- Keep updating the disaster recovery plan to be sure nothing passes the organization by
- Make sure the plan is current and following trends that exist inside and outside of IT
- Train employees on what they must do and exercise the plans on a regular basis to ensure they work properly

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