Small businesses need more data backup help

Stephen Perkins

More information is coming through companies of all sizes these days, but while big businesses have the resources to protect themselves, small business data backup may need to be improved in the coming months and years. Spiceworks recently surveyed more than 1,000 small and midsize IT professionals and found that data protection and disaster recovery is a priority for these companies but remains a challenge that they need to address.

According to this survey:

  • 45 percent of respondents said their organization has experienced a data loss, which averaged about $9,000 in recovery fees
  • 54 percent of the companies that had a loss was because of hardware failure
  • An average of $5,700 is spent each year by SMBs trying to manage their data backup and 70 percent said they are satisfied, but 30 percent find what they have to be “insufficient”
  • 42 percent of SMBs believe their company’s plans for data backup and recovery fall short while only 30 percent think all information would be recoverable if there was a disaster

“While small and mid-sized businesses recognize the importance of having a data protection and recovery plan, many are using on-premise hardware that leaves them vulnerable to data loss from device failure, performing manual backups infrequently or on-premise problems that affect both the original copy and backups, such as power surges, natural disasters or theft,” one data backup professional said.

Small Business Computing said when companies think of reasons small businesses need data backup, their minds head to computer crashes, local problems and perhaps a small-scale weather event – after all, Super Storm Sandy recent hit and ran amok on many business who likely figured their information was safe. The reality is that companies do not know what will happen to their information, so it is best to back it up as soon as possible.

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