Every organization needs to have a plan in case of disaster.

Steps to prepare for disaster

Stephen Perkins

Business professional Jason Rose wrote on StartupSmart that the key for any organization to be successful is planning, and that is especially true for disaster recovery. 

"One of the truths of starting a business is that things will go wrong – sometimes horribly – even if you ticked every box on your checklist," he wrote. "There will simply be times when things just blow up, which has certainly been my experience." He continued, "Experiencing these kinds of disasters has led me to develop my own theory about start-ups: Until you have faced your first disaster, you haven't really launched your business."

Rose said he uses a four-step plan to help with disasters, including:
1) Accept that there will be a disaster eventually
2) Address disaster when it strikes instead of ignoring it
3) Find a solution as soon as possible
4) Learn from the mistakes that led to the disaster, if there were any

Network World said organizations should figure out what threats exist to their organization and list them as soon as possible. These should be organizational according to their impact on business systems and the cost should be balanced with what kind of downtime they have the potential to bring. This is a great way to hone disaster recovery across the company.

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