Don't let an outage affect how business works; automated disaster recovery can serve a company well.

The myths of automated disaster recovery

Stephen Perkins

Automation of disaster recovery can help save money and time while reducing the negative impact of system outages within an organization, but industry professional Ralph Wynn wrote on Data Center Knowledge that most still do not use this technology due to misunderstandings regarding how it works. One myth is that automated services can be customized to an environment, a fact he vehemently denies. 

"There are automated DR solutions that can failover and failback between dissimilar hardware as well as from physical-to-virtual, virtual-to-virtual, or virtual-to-physical systems, allowing for quick recovery in any environment," he said. "Regardless of the type of servers, hardware or connectivity, automated DR can handle replication and recovery within heterogeneous environments."

Other falsities include:
- Automation requires multiple sources to recover data, something he said is untrue as this kind of system can go back to just before the original point of value
- Only one system can be recovered at a time, which is not true as multiple systems can be brought back
- Full testing can't be done, which he said is not truthful as testing can and must be conducted at least once a quarter

According to an infographic from eWEEK, 42 percent of businesses are not adequately prepared with modern disaster recovery solutions with 67 percent experiencing a loss of productivity with outages and 27 percent seeing a harm to reputation, loss of money or a loss or irreplaceable information.

The website said with an automated disaster recovery system in place, organizations can be fully tested at all times, place more emphasis than ever on data backup, recover their system very quickly and handle recovery even in an organization that relies on both physical and online environments. Businesses must have a good system in place be well informed before adoption and make sure the automated system will work well with what the business does.

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