SMBs benefit the most from utilizing online backup providers.

The top considerations when choosing online backup services

Stephen Perkins

A recent report released by Taneja Group highlighted the top considerations for online backups. Small-and medium-sized businesses often benefit the most from online backups due to having smaller data sets, but still require acceptable backup and restore performance along with security and compliance reporting.

Online backups offer the most important requirement for any SMB – keeping data at off-site locations, allowing for faster disaster recovery processes.  Furthermore, storing information on cloud servers replace the practice of tape vaulting, which is much more vulnerable to manual error and requires additional business resources.

Advantages of online backups entail unlimited data retention since the customer is not circumscribed to on-site storage capacity. Many service providers can help return a company to its Recovery Point Objective. Perhaps the most important benefit for SMBs​, however, is cost-reduction. 

Continuous backup is another important feature for SMBs to consider. On top of scheduled transfers, providers can offer continuous backup for important applications. While the latter service is typically more expensive, the cost is well worth maintaining crucial applications' data.

Service providers have been developing new products to diminish latency issues including data deduplication and compression as well as optimized WAN to improve backup and restore speeds. The importance of compliance features including verified backup, data security and on-demand copy data retrieval are vital to online backup services.

Optimizing data center security measures, especially once a company's data reaches the provider, is just as important as encrypting in-transit and at-rest data. Vendors that have certifications up to Tier-4 SAS 70 offer the greatest level of security. Additionally, access controls for both the service provider and customer is critical. Obtaining a service-level agreement with vendors for rapid recovery must also be a top consideration.

Cost-effectiv​eness has been the highlight and main advantage of using online backup providers. SMBs should choose services that match their data requirements. Keeping these considerations in mind will help move SMBs in the right direction when deciding on the best online backup services that meet their needs.

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