Disaster can strike anywhere, so every business must have a recovery plan.

Writing a disaster recovery plan as an MSP

Stephen Perkins

No company should be without a disaster recovery plan, but for managed service providers, that due diligence is often central to their business strategy as customers rely on them to keep data safe at all costs. According to MSPMentor​, this means there must be a plan in place, as well as a quality data backup solution to help ensure the safety of customer data by a provider. 

The news source said the plan should be comprehensive and clearly written, as a lack of clarity will limit its functionality. There should also be roles defined, restoration timetable expectations set and recovery objectives prioritized.  

"The written disaster recovery plan is your lifeline, protect it," MSPMentor said. "This plan should include recovery procedures for everything from one server being down to the whole organization. Which servers need to be up and running? Who will be making decisions? This plan includes it all."

CSO Online said with any plan for disaster recovery, physical, IT and human resources must work in unison. These departments should work together to figure out what is necessary to be able to bring data from these areas back to the business.

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