Losing files can be frustrating; finding a good data backup solution is imperative.

Automatic data backup versus file syncing

Stephen Perkins

Employees can prepare for a big presentation and feel as though they have everything prepared just right, but if they don't have a quality data backup solution in place, there may be troubles when its time to present what they have. Backup professional Erin Delaney wrote on Business 2 Community that users should look into automatic data backup or file syncing to make sure they have guaranteed access to these files after they create them.

"As a disaster recovery tool, automatic backup saves a copy of your business data to a secure location at regular intervals," she wrote. "If something goes wrong, you can use your automatic backup to retrieve a copy of your data."

File syncing will automatically copy all files in need to devices they will be used on. Each person and company will need to figure out solution suits them better, as each will have different benefits and proper time of use. People interested in always having secure access to their files and be prepared for disaster recovery may want to look into online data backup, but Delaney said the best solution is likely to use both of these methods together.

Larry Seltzer wrote on Information Week that online data backup solutions, when set to automatically sync, can be a great solution for people and businesses but there must be efforts made to figure out which is the best for the individual situation.

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