A business' current backup plan will likely need to be updated.

Backup plan likely needs to be fixed

Stephen Perkins

The challenge behind data backup falls not only on the technology that is used, but on the data itself and the people performing the tasks, according to Techday. A fragmented approach to protection can be extremely dangerous, so workers must have clear roles for how they will function within a data backup program. 

"In effect, driven by fear, a sense of duty or a combination of the two, the storage team, the app team and the hypervisor teams implement their own backup, disaster recovery and archive solutions," the news source said. "While this approach is certainly better than no backup regime at all, there are serious shortcomings with it. Data volumes become siloed and organizations find themselves with an 'accidental architecture' for the backups. There is little strategy; it just happens."

The solution for better protection should come from combining data and people in a way that actually works instead of sticking with the siloed way of business. Techday said teams need to think and act like a service provider by giving fast access to data. In addition, applications should be easily integrated and the data pool should be simple to protect and recover.

TechTarget contributor Pierre Dorion said data backup administrators should always be looking out for capacity planning in their system. Proper planning means they should never be caught scrambling for space in a solution, as keeping track of how much space is left should guide the way for storage capacity.

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