Backup software market expands, poised for further growth

Backup software market expands, poised for further growth

Stephen Perkins

As more decision-makers begin to realize the importance of online backup solutions, the market for the associated software has expanded dramatically. These tools can bolster a company's resilience to outages, data loss and operational disruptions, while the software itself has become far more affordable and accessible to the average small business owner.

This is welcome news, especially as studies indicate that small businesses are among the worst offenders of poor or completely absent disaster recovery plans. As online backup becomes more ubiquitous in the United States and abroad, experts hope that issues that follow data loss and theft will begin to be a less-prevalent factor in the small business community. 

Big quarter
Research firm IDC recently reported that the worldwide storage software market expanded by roughly 1.5 percent in the third quarter of this year, with revenues reaching just under $3.47 billion within those three months. The firm releases its Worldwide Storage Software QView report once each quarter, with this latest iteration showing that more companies are investing in the technology than during the same period of 2012. 

"Data protection and recovery software and storage and device management software were the two major sources of growth this quarter," IDC's storage team research analyst Jingwen Li explained. "Also of note is the fact that investments in storage replication software have fallen throughout the year as suppliers have increasingly bundled this capability within larger competitive deals."

The report also illustrated the areas of this market segment that have become most advantageous for developers and resellers. According to IDC, disaster recovery and data protection-related backup software revenues increased 5.3 percent last quarter compared with the same period in 2012. Additionally, storage and device management sales rose by 3.7 percent to to $672 million.

Entrepreneurs should take note
A recent eWEEK article asserted that small and medium-sized businesses continue to have a general lack of disaster recovery and backup solutions. As a result, these firms continue to struggle when faced with data loss issues and outages. 

According to the news provider, one study of businesses in the United States and United Kingdom revealed that business leaders are spending far more time conducting relatively banal activities than they do on data protection and backup. Small business owners should remember that even one instance of data loss can be devastating, and that online backup solutions can help reduce the risk of such problems. 

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