Don't  make business continuity more complex than it needs to be.

Business continuity shouldn’t be too complex

Stephen Perkins

It is imperative that companies have a business continuity plan in place to protect technology investments and resources, as IT consultant John Dryden noted that the IT department is the backbone of any modern organization. Specifically speaking about charities, he said email and other documents are typically used, accessed and altered by staff across the globe.

"[F]or most charities, a day without email would be all but unthinkable," he wrote. "But IT systems can be disrupted by attacks from viruses or hackers, or physical events such as fire or flood. The art of keeping the wheels on a charity's IT operation, named business continuity after its private sector roots, is as delicate as it is essential."

Some suggestions for business continuity from Dryden include:
- Have an online data backup solution that can be scaled up or down
- Cloud backup to provide an off-site data recovery option
- Look for a solution that will automatically backup data

​Enterprise Systems Journal said organizations should also identify the key parts of their infrastructure to ensure they will be part of the data backup plan. Losing anything from these key areas of business could cause a lot of headaches for the organization, so it is best to get it taken care of as soon as possible.

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