Businesses can save money by having proper data backup options in place.

Data protection options can mitigate risk of malware

Stephen Perkins

In the fight against malware, having an online data backup solution can prevent businesses and individuals from having to comply with criminals. As we reported in an earlier post, some malware takes the form of ransomware, a malicious encryption that forces victims to pay or risk losing all of their data. But for those with the proper data protection measures in place, such an attack will be a lot less scary.

As an article in ITProPortal points out, the contemporary data environment is such that ransomware poses a massive threat to users. But by looking into online data backup options, businesses can simply tap into their backup if an attack on their main system occurs. Without such a backup, they will be left powerless against cybercrime.

IT expert Peter Heinicke wrote that having data backup in place is the single greatest defensive measure a business can take against ransomware. As Heinicke pointed out, those left to the mercy of ransomware do not have proper security measures in place. Because they don't have a backup to turn to, paying a ransom to criminals is their only option.

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