SMBs should look at four aspects when searching for online backup providers.

Four things to look for when picking the right online backup

Stephen Perkins

For a market that has grown exponentially in recent years, online backup providers offer small- and medium-sized businesses many options. The hard part for many SMBs with small IT departments is knowing what to look for in the marketplace. 

In a recent white paper by Bruce Hoard titled, "Navigating the online backup market," when choosing a vendor, SMBs must look at four important aspects: performance improvements, security, compliance and pricing. 

Performance improvement is one of the most important aspects of cloud and online backup services. Hoard writes that functionality capabilities such as enhanced backup performance over the Internet, decreased costs and complexities, rapid deployment and expanded scalability are driving interest in the technology.

Of course, security is another aspect that should be taken into account. While some have questioned the security of cloud-based backups, overall it has improved. 

"Security has gotten better, but it's up to users to insist that all parties associated with their online cloud backup systems take extraordinary measures to employ it," noted Hoard. "That means encrypting data at rest, always backing up everything and always maintaining control of encryption keys."

SMBs should make sure vendors abide by compliance regulations, especially if it pertains to the healthcare industry and the newly expanded HIPAA regulations. 

Above all else, SMBs should make sure pricing fits their budget. Various pricing models are offered and SMBs should find the model that will best suit their online backup and budget needs. 

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