How bandwidth affects backup

Stephen Perkins

Having good data backup online is something that every company should have, but every company must have a strong bandwidth connection to make sure the information can be accessed in the event of an emergency. TechTarget said bandwidth is also needed to get that data replicated to an offsite location. According to Forrester analyst Dave Bartoletti, enterprises have started to take a closer look at these issues.

"There is a big chunk of corporate data, 34 percent, that is going unreplicated," Bartoletti said, according to the source. "Most customers have said that they'd like to address this to meet recovery time objectives, but [54 percent] have said they [have] limited network bandwidth."

As it stands, TechTarget said research from Forrester showed that 39 percent of businesses have a petabyte of data, TechTarget reported. These companies are starting to realize that they need to better protect their data, as 72 percent are looking for offsite data backup, but 66 percent of organizations said wide area network performance is a roadblock to having full backup solutions.

To make this easier, Bartoletti said businesses should first look for lower impact software for backup that won't use as much bandwidth while also looking for ways to increase the performance of their internet connection.

Another story on TechTarget gave some tips for companies to improve their network performance, including balancing the system bus load.

"Most servers have several, so put some thought into how you can optimize this. Specifically, realize that data doesn't go directly from the hard drive to the NIC if they're on the same bus," the website said. "All the components still have to chat with your CPU, so if there's contention, it's faster if they're on separate busses."

With improved network performance, companies should be able to more easily use a great data backup solution.

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