Ensure the backup solution being used works for the company.

Make sure online backup provisions work for business

Stephen Perkins

While online data backup solutions can be great for businesses, Forbes contributor Tony Bradley wrote that organizations must read the fine print to be sure they are getting the service they want and need. It is crucial to use data backup, but it is also essential to make sure the solution will serve the organization well, Bradley said. 

"Make sure you're aware of just how long it will take to get your data backed up in the first place," he said. "If you have a lot of data … you might be better off to choose a cloud backup service that will let you seed the initial backup by shipping an external hard drive to the provider rather than uploading the data across the internet."

There are great benefits to the utilization of online data backup, he wrote, including storing data off site, replicating the data across multiple centers and having the information available anytime, anyplace. However, planning is essential when adopting a solution such as this. Industry professional Peter Lamson said on TechRadar that there needs to be contingency planning to ensure everything goes smoothly even if the solution doesn't work exactly as it should.

A report from Lamson's company found that 21 percent of small organizations using online data backup were using a free product, which is likely far more vulnerable to data losses and leaks. Twenty-four percent are still using USB or flash drives, which offer a low cost of investment but are even more susceptible to breaches. Instead of going with the cheapest option, businesses should try looking into what will best serve them and their business goals. The news source said taking a data audit before adopting any kind of solution may be the best course of action, as it will allow the company to see which information may need to be protected more than others and what is required of a backup solution.

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