Companies should have multiple data backup considerations in place before it is too late to backup at all.

Many options for backing up data

Stephen Perkins

Alexandra Chang isn't light in her assessment of those who have not performed data backup on their network. She wrote on that those who have not backed up their data are fools, as there is too great of a chance of losing everything and not being able to recovery important business data.

"Backing up your data isn't just practical – say, if you want to transfer everything from your current computer to a new one – it's an incredibly important safeguard against total digital loss," she wrote. "Whether you get hacked, your hard drive crashes, or you accidentally spill a cup of coffee across your keyboard, you'll want to make sure that a copy of your collection of Skrillex albums and selfies are safely stored elsewhere for retrieval."

For businesses, online data backup is about more than having music and pictures taken down, as losing important financial documents or data can lead to a loss of business continuity and operational efficiency. She wrote on Wired that the best way to prevent data loss is to backup a company's information, then backup that backed up information. While having a sole backup solution may be good, these accounts may suffer hacks and other losses as well, so having multiple backup solutions may be beneficial.

Potential benefits of cloud backup
Cloud backup coupled with online backup can be combined to make a hybrid solution that will ensure a business that their information is safe at all times. Chang wrote there are many cost effective services to consider, which can especially be a great option for those who are striving to back-up their backed up data.

"The advantage to using these services is that you don't have to worry about losing or breaking a physical drive," she said on Wired. "It's also very unlikely that a highly-rated company would lose your data – and if it did, you could reasonably expect that it would go out of business. Cold comfort, but comfort nonetheless."

TechTarget said thus far, cloud backup is really only being used by companies who wish to archive their non-critical data. However, businesses can couple cloud data backup with online backup and see some great results, as their information is guaranteed to not all disappear in one fowl swoop with a good hybrid approach.

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