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Most can’t keep up with new backup technology

Stephen Perkins

Data backup is an industry that is quickly evolving and many are struggling to keep up, according to InformationWeek's Backup Technologies Survey. Organizations are now testing more, as the number of companies that test at least once a year rose from 38 percent to 44 percent,. However, there are still far more companies that test "sporadically at best," according to the report. Even so, 84 percent said they are satisfied with their current backup system, but the report showed that things could stand to get far better than they already are.

Numbers show there are other areas that can be improved, including
- 73 percent use the same system for backing up both physical and virtual servers
- 66 percent only use tape backup, with 33 percent only using it for limited information backup
- 39 percent don't encrypt any of their backup media
- 27 percent are "extremely confident" they can get their business back up again if something were to happen

Even with all the negative points, it appears some things are going well. Eighty percent said they perform data backup tasks at least once a week on at least 80 percent of their servers.

While there are some positive aspects, more businesses now think that server data backup is just too difficult, with 14 percent stating as much on the most recent report compared with 10 percent in 2011. However, 43 percent said they don't even bother to backup data on remote sites, which is a dangerous concept for any business.

"We know we should be backing up, but the best we can do is maybe quarterly, triggered by project milestones, and then only some of the critical servers are backed up," said one survey respondent. "This does make life more exciting, as any wrong command, system or application failure, natural disaster, or break-in — we've had two — would be the end of everything. We are walking the tightrope, with a monkey on our back, on a windy day, over the fast lane."

Remote backup can add value
Organizations have been using tape backup and other methods for years, but TechTarget contributor David Jacobs said it is time to stop and start thinking about data backup differently. Remote online data backup solutions are now ideal for customers who have facilities in multiple places and can help keep information backed up extremely efficiently.

"These services must be continually monitored to ensure backups are completed," Jacobs said. "You may also add extra protection by hosting extremely secure facilities with redundant power and connections to Internet service providers."

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