Online data backup is becoming more important than ever.

NetMass’s online backup offers solution to the digital age of healthcare data

Stephen Perkins

As parts of the Affordable Care Act go into effect today, online data backup in the healthcare industry is more important than ever. With the implementation of the ACA will come countless terabytes of important information that will need secure data backup. One company in particular offers comprehensive services to protect the vast amounts of data through a cloud-based remote backup solution.

NetMass provides a variety of different products to secure and store large amounts of data, as well as providing data recovery solutions. What makes NetMass different is its specialized approach to small business data backup and outstanding customer service.

According to Logicworks' Jake Gardner, the success or failure of the ACA will largely depend on the ability of companies to digitize and securely store the troves of future healthcare data, especially when it pertains to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. While there is uncertainty to whether all healthcare providers will comply with its online data backup rules, NetMass maintains over a decade of experience in online backup and continues to provide innovative solutions that can store and protect these types of large and fluid data sets. 

NetMass offers free quotes for small businesses looking to solve their data storage needs. With exceptional customer service and technical know-how, NetMass provides unparalleled services that many of its competitors in the industry lack.

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