Online backup could be helpful for keeping businesses free of disruption.

Preparing for disruptions to business

Stephen Perkins

Every company that uses data in concert with technology has the potential to be disrupted in a way that could slow business to a halt. Michael Murphy of The Globe and Mail wrote that there are ways to prepare for disruption and business continuity, including preparing IT with online data backup. 

"Have IT infrastructure in place that will secure all company information and give employees access from any location," he wrote. "For example, desktop and application virtualization let staff move from one device to another both seamlessly and securely. Storing corporate data in a public or private cloud will also help maintain operations during a business disruption. If you don't use the cloud, make sure that the IT department has recovery strategies in place to minimize downtime."

Other suggestions include:
- Make sure executives are onboard with the plan
- Consider different scenarios that may disrupt a business and its sensitive data
- Develop team structures to make sure employees have stock in protecting information
- Conduct training for business continuity and highlight which goals are most important
- Always be testing the program to figure out new ways to improve it

Ensuring a data backup plan is in place for small and midsize organizations can be especially important, according to a recent report. According to eWEEK. this study showed 85 percent of SMBs have cost-related challenges with data backup and recovery, including management, licensing and storage costs.

The report showed 80 percent of SMBs are facing complexity-related challenges with their data protection which shows that planning and improved diligence is needed to make sure businesses are working with the right kind of data backup organization. About 55 percent of SMBs surveyed said they were looking to change to online data backup by 2014, something that could help keep this information much safer and more accessible.

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