A good data backup solution can help companies save money.

Saving money on data recovery

Stephen Perkins

Working with a lot of information can get expensive in terms of data backup. Mahmoud Harb, site operations manager for CareerBuilder, told TechTarget that his company was trying to backup job-seeker data from centers in Atlanta, Amsterdam and Hong Kong to a center in Chicago without stacking up big costs while there was a network upgrade.

"The ability to push data from our primary data center to a disaster recovery site was becoming a challenge," Harb said. "We had more users as our database grew and the amount of data that we have to keep outgrew our setup. We needed a technology that could transfer data from a primary data center to the DR data center at a reasonable cost. Data freshness for backups also went from about 30 days to less than 30 minutes."

Eventually, he found a way to avoid a major WAN upgrade and saved the company a lot of money with new technology. With online data backup, they were easily able to transfer data over with internet connectivity.

One data backup professional told eWeek that by determining the cost of downtime, what kind of savings backup solutions can offer and understanding the importance of information, businesses can see just how important a backup solution is.

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