Technology is getting better and so are companies that utilize it well.

Technical innovation strengthens business prospects

Stephen Perkins

The advent of the age of technology has distributed a lot of new innovations across multiple industries and enterprises. According to a recent report from CompTIA, titled "International Technology Adoption & Workforce Issues," this has helped many strengthen their business models. More than three-quarters of companies reported that technology is either important or very important to their business, with four out of 10 of these businesses planning to hire new staff in 2013. Companies have also found solace in online data backup as one of the main trends over the next year, research said.

"Emerging technologies such as cloud computing continue to see adoption gains as well," noted Tim Herbert , vice president of research at CompTIA.  "More than half of responding companies say they are either experimenting with or fully using cloud computing solutions."

Other important business technology goals for the year include:
- Better security
- Improved network infrastructure
- A stronger web presence

TechTarget said many organizations rid themselves of the difficulty of remote IT by consolidating their departments into one data center. This will take improved technology in the way of online data backup to be truly successful.

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