One town decided to help make sure data loss prevention was strong with a new backup solution.

Town benefits from data backup program

Stephen Perkins

Using a new online data backup system, town officials in Redington Beach, Florida, will now have information protected from data loss after weeks of discussion, according to Tampa Bay Newspapers. The Town Commission agreed to implement the program earlier this month and decided to simply adopt a cost-effective data backup solution and wait until later to update other systems.

Town clerk Missy Clarke looked into the system. Officials considered adopting a workstation solution as well, but Commissioner Tom Dorgan said it appeared the data backup would be flexible enough.

"I'm not convinced that's the way to go," he said about the workstation at a meeting, according to the paper. "If the office had to be vacated without notice, it would take longer to get back up to operational. If you had a peer-to-peer network, all you'd have to do is mirror the hard drives up to [the provider]on the backup system. Missy could work anywhere from a laptop and wouldn't have to drag around a designated workstation."

A recent report by Harris Interactive found that 35 percent of users never back up their computer, 51 percent do so once a year or never and only 2 percent do more frequently than once per day. Data backup should be done frequently by companies to make sure information is kept safe.

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