Make sure virtualization is helping and not hurting data backup.

Virtualization changes how companies do data backup

Stephen Perkins

Companies looking for an online data backup solution must now keep in mind how virtualization can affect things. Kelvin Clibbon, a business continuity professional, spoke with eWEEK about how this may change things, saying that basic protection and backup will now likely be easier for small companies to get. 

"Traditional physical computers have become virtual machine containers – they are essentially files on a disk and fully abstracted from the physical hardware layer," he said. "Because we are no longer dealing with complex things like complete volumes, system states and boot sectors, it's much easier to get basic protection for these virtual machines."

Other factors to note with virtualization involved in backup include:
- Full backups and recovery now more possible than ever
- Hardware is now less of an issue
- Backups are more flexible, giving companies the ability to do more
- It is now easier to make changes and shifts when need be

David Davis wrote on Virtualization Review that there are a few key tips to keeping data backup running well with virtualization, including selecting the right tool to get the data off site correctly, properly utilizing advanced features and making sure the product is as fast as it needs to be. Organizations should also be sure to look to the future in an effort to ensure their backup solution will stay up to date as technology progresses.

"Will your backup tool support cross-hypervisor backup and recovery? What about off-site backup to a cloud?" he asked. "Ensure that your backup tool is innovative and has a history of launching new features that give you the greatest flexibility possible. Bottom line: Look for a tool that covers all the bases for both physical server and virtual infrastructure backup, while offering numerous advanced features."

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