Companies must look for certain specifics when searching for an online data backup provider.

What to look for in online data backup solutions

Stephen Perkins

Online data backup can be one of the most important steps a company takes to ensure its information is kept safe, but according to a guest post on The VAR Guy's website, 55 percent of companies haven't backed up their data in more than two days. This is too long to wait, as problems can arise at any time and completely wipe out important business data.

When vetting potential data backup partners,  organizations should look for:
- An affordable solution, especially for smaller businesses
- An intuitive interface to help smooth learning curves 
- A good database support team at the provider
- Off-site backup to add an additional layer of physical security
- Security in the long-term prospects of the prospective partner

Deni Connor wrote on TechTarget that there are also some questions that the company should ask the data backup vendor before adoption, including whether or not the solution will have compression or encryption capabilities.

"If so, what is the performance degradation you can expect to see with encryption and compression enabled, and what is the impact on the server hosting the backup application?" Connor asked. "You should also find out if encryption and compression can be turned off if system performance degradation is seen."

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