Businesses should be looking to protect their information with online data backup.

Why all companies should have strong online data backup policies

Stephen Perkins

Whether using online data backup or storing data in the cloud, companies need to be aware and have a plan for their information. TechTarget reported that Simone Brunozzi, Amazon Web Services senior technology evangelist, said at a recent conference that businesses should have rules about data backup, including making sure data is always accessible, the solution used is scalable and the information is secure.

Security may be the most important part, because if the online data backup solution isn't heavily protected, it could end up being a waste of money. He said having copies across different data centers could be a good way to go, and having data logs should also be part of a backup plan.

"Logs are incredibly important, not because you want to know who to blame, but so you can find the bug and fix it," Brunozzi said. "Through logs, you're able to understand what went wrong."

When it comes to what companies should put into their data backup solution, PCWorld said recent and important documents, media, application data, operating systems and any important older information should be covered.

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