Regular data backup can help prevent a lot of possible headaches in the future.

Why companies should have multiple data backup locations

Stephen Perkins

Considering how much information is now stored on computers,. people need to take the proper steps to help save the data with online data backup. Fox News affiliate KTLA interviewed many technology experts who were advocating for data backup, including Matt Bennion of Western Digital, who told the news source that 23 billion gigabytes of content is generated online every year. This is a growing number that will likely affect everyone at some point in the near future.

Host of Tech News Today Tom Merritt told the news source that people and companies alike should have multiple areas of storage. He recommended using the computer, a remote location such as online or cloud backup and a hard drive. With these options, people can be sure that they will not suffer any severe data losses.

Taking steps to invest in a comprehensive and layered backup solution can especially help for protecting the mission critical information not used on a daily basis. It can be easy to lose track of this data, even though losing it all would be catastrophic according to KTLA.

PC World said the cost of data backup is way down now, while at the same time labor costs are higher than ever. It only makes sense for businesses to invest in a solid backup solution now to save costs and eliminate the need to use employees to help recover from a breach.

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