Why online backup is still a strong choice for data protection

Why online backup is still a strong choice for data protection

Stephen Perkins

Continuous data protection has become a far more pressing issue for many companies in virtually every industry since several scandals have hit the national media. From the National Security Administration's snooping and surveillance scandal to countless data breaches, consumers and businesses have become far more sensitive when it comes to privacy protection and information integrity. 

As cloud computing providers continue to rush to adjust their practices and calm the concerns of current and prospective clientele, many companies are benefiting from using non-cloud online backup solutions that come with the same benefits of virtualization but avoid many of the risks. In the coming years, experts are waiting to see whether more organizations and consumers will migrate their information to backup environments that do not involve public cloud technology. 

NSA remains in spotlight
The Dallas Morning News recently reported that the latest controversy surrounding the NSA has hit the presses, and this one involves the mass storage of personal and corporate phone data on private servers. One of the biggest aspects of the original Edward Snowden disclosure involved NSA spying of phone calls between ordinary American citizens, as well as the tracking of related data. 

According to the news provider, the latest issue has to do with where the NSA is storing the data it gathers through its surveillance programs, and that the White House is coming under some fire for its handling of the situation. While the Obama administration and Congress weigh decisions related to the curbing of NSA surveillance capabilities, the agency remains aggressive in its pursuit of mobile broadband and telephone carriers' information. 

What's more, the government is now walking on thin ice considering the implications certain decisions might have that transcend the NSA. For example, the Dallas Morning News stated that legislation will need to be passed that clearly designates data collection and storage to counter-terrorism activities, and outlaws these activities among other entities. 

Keep it private, efficient
Online backup, as opposed to cloud storage, can quell many of the privacy concerns that companies have in the modern, data breach-filled business landscape. While many reports would argue that cloud computing is far more affordable and resilient to outages than other options, online backup remains a reliable and consistent measure to protect data and ensure recovery following a major event. 

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