Multi-Site Cloud Gateways

This is our most secure and feature rich cloud gateway offering.This appliance will contain a cloud gateway engine that connects to the ServerBackup multi-datacenter cloud. The platform will provide data protection and cloud storage for any application that utilizes the appliance for storage.  This solution provides a FIPS 140-2 certified secure cloud storage gateway that compresses, de-duplicates, encrypts, stores, and snapshots all data in a completely US based multi-site cloud.


The device itself does not run out of space. Customers can scale their cloud storage up and down based on need and will not have to upgrade the system due to capacity constraints. There is no need to purchase extra space up front as part of capacity planning.

All data stored on the device benefits from secure cloud storage.  This reduces the overhead of managing a separate backup process for the device.

Customers can choose best of breed applications for each of their strategic goals (audits, financial apps, backup, archiving, failover, disaster recovery, etc) without regard to an application’s specific support for the cloud.

A multi-site global file system allows for fast recovery to any alternate location during a site disaster (fire, flood, etc).

As an optional service, can host a secondary gateway at one of our data centers. This would allow Customers to immediately fail over storage-access to our data center in the event of a site disaster.

 The Cloud Gateway Platform

The on-site appliance is configured with 15TB of local high-speed cache and will provide a CIFS/NFS interface to the storage.  Data stored on the device will be de-duplicated, compressed, encrypted, and stored in the ServerBackup cloud.   The nature of the device cache means that the device can hold more than 15TB of storage.  It will not run out of space as long as you scale the cloud storage behind it.

Professional installation, 24×7 support, 24 hour hardware advanced replacement, and a Software Protection Plan are included for three years.  Optionally, the system supports automatic failover to a datacenter. Once installed, there are a number of applications that can be supported.

The Backup Application

Backups can now be done with any enterprise backup package.  Both Tivoli and Symantec have certified backup solutions for these devices.  All data stored on the device gets de-duplicated and sent offsite.  Therefore, any backup package will benefit from FIPS 140-2 certified secure cloud storage.

The Archiving Application

There are many certified active archive solutions that support our storage solutions.  These policy based engines can automatically move data to the Cloud Gateway device.  Further, the cloud scaling of the device will allow customers to store and retrieving data without regard to the size of the onsite appliance.  For customers that maintain a multi-location configuration, the cloud gatway’s global namespace would allow all locations to see all data.

The File Storage Application

The Cloud Gateway device supports CIFS (and optionally NFS) access.  It can integrate into Active Directory and is immediately available as a NAS storage server.  Any data stored on the shares immediately benefit from the offsite replication and cloud based snapshots.  No additional data backups are required.