Data Archiving Solutions

Data Archiving SolutionsData archiving is statutorily required in many industries and makes good business sense for legal and regulatory reasons. Effective, secure information preservation for any enterprise includes a searchable solution. Storing files long-term is a necessary hassle. From law firms holding court records to physicians with private health information to an individual’s email transcripts, there are limitless files and situations that can’t afford to be lost. On the other hand, they also can’t afford to be kept, with high backup costs offering accessibility you don’t need or outdated technology occupying valuable real estate.

Data archiving solves the problem of how to keep information that you don’t actually need to access. The process changes the file type so it can be read at any point but never modified, ensuring the accuracy of all archived data. It’s then moved from a backup server to an archiving server, where it’s safely kept until called upon.

We offer WORM (Write Once Read Many) archiving, which transfers old discs into a more modern, reliable digital format, and archives currently existing data. You can rest assured that your information is secure, knowing it can’t be altered and will be available if needed for legal, personal, or other reasons. Data archiving is not only a safe step, but a necessity for your protection and future success.

You are able to quickly respond to data retrieval need including audits and eDiscovery requests and recover lost or deleted files.

HIPAA, SOX, FRCP,  PCI-DSS, FINRA, GLB, and SEC regulations require most companies to maintain an easily accessible and complete archive of electronically stored information (ESI). Most enterprises have adopted a “save everything” policy in their quest to assure compliance with regulations that are themselves in a state of flux regarding electronic information.

We have cloud integrated business solutions that help you meet long term retention goals in a cost effective manner.


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