Long Term Data Storage


ServerBackup.com has experience providing long term data archive solutions that meet the needs mandated by  governance agencies.  Publicly traded companies, local and state agencies, medical provider and companies with a growing set of unstructured data can all benefit from our long ter data storage solutions. These solutions are based on the industry standard best practice of 3-2-1:

• 3 copies of your data
• 2 different storage technologies
• 1 copy offsite for DR purposes

The archive can seamlessly transform into a 2-2-1 solution if your archive size grows
very large. The 2-2-1 helps contain costs while future-proofing the solution with
regards to capacity. The system capacity can scale without hardware upgrades and it
can support a FIPS 140-2 validated encryption solution for securing offsite data.


FIPS Validated ServerSafe Archive Architecture

FIPS Validated ServerSafe Archive Architecture. CLICK TO ENLARGE.