Video Surveilliance

Scalable Video Surveillance Hosting Services


Video surveillance requirments for retention, chain-of-custody, and quailty are driven by a careful balance of costs vs company policy/industry govenance/industry regulation.  We understand that there are a range of needs and that no single product will meet the needs of the large enterprise as weighed against the needs of a small retain shop.  Therefore, offers a range of video surveillance solutions that scale to meet the needs of almost any customer.


ServerSafe Surveillance Vault Pro


ServerBackup offers a range of surveillance video hosting services.  For companies needing vaulting for 10 cameras or less, our ServerSafe Surveillance Vault Pro service offers a fast and secure mechanism to get your video offsite.  This solution takes video straight from your network cameras and stores them in our secure video vault. This solution lowers Capex costs and provides security and redundancy. It does not require a Network Video Recorder (NVR) at your site.  For more information, click below:

Detailed information on our off-site hosted suveillance video as a service offering.


SpectraLogic NVR3 Video Surveillance Vault


Archive Surveillance Vault Appliance

Infinite Retention. Limitless Video.  For companies that have larger installations in the 100s or 1000s of cameras, ServerBackup is proud to partener with SpectraLogic to offer the NVR3 Surveillance Video Vault. Powered by the SectraLogic, the SoleraTec Surveillance Video Vault™ delives exceptional video surveillance recording, storage, and management in one complete end-to-end solution.  With the stability and robustness nTier, the SoleraTec Surveillance Video Vault™ solution provides police departments, transit authorities, critial infrastructure facilities, bank and finance companies, retail establishments, and educational institutions complete peace of mind.  For more information, click below:

Spectra’s NVR3 TM video surveillance Vault


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