WORM archiving

WORM Archiving SolutionsOne of the traditional storage methods, WORM discs are being replaced by newer technology. WORM, or Write Once Read Many, makes a non-erasable copy of data onto a non-rewritable disc, but a lack of standardization makes it an unwieldy method for backing up important information. Frequently, WORM discs can only be read by the drive that wrote them, and their size may vary across a 10-inch spectrum.

With the advent of faster, easier backup technology, much of the data currently saved to WORM discs can be archived into offsite data centers, along with current files. Our WORM archiving process follows the same strict security measures as our server backups, with top-of-the-line encryption and swift transfer to our monitored and secured data centers.

When you store your archives virtually in a data center, you’ll enjoy much easier access—there are no more boxes of discs, no searching to find a compatible drive, and no scrambling for the right software to read the information you need. Instead, you can make a few clicks and have years’ worth of data at your fingertips.

WORM storage was a great solution at the time, but it’s now over 30 years old. Your info can be kept more safely and more accessibly through an offsite data center. Archive your archives, and clear out some office space.


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