SEC Compliance

With a multitude of new regulations in recent years, businesses are faced with the challenge of maintaining compliance without compromising their budget or workforce. Rules like those in the Securities and Exchange Act now require many companies to follow precise formats for storing, retrieving, and recovering their data. While on the surface this seems to make things more complicated, a streamlined data backup process can actually simplify both daily life and disaster recovery.

Avoiding penalties isn’t the only reason to implement automated backup. With an upgraded infrastructure for backing up important information, you’ll enjoy greater accessibility, not to mention the peace of mind that comes with knowing all data is secure. Internal communications like emails and memos are preserved, so you’ll have all your records if you need to defend yourself or provide specific proof.

Few dispute the necessity of secure data storage, but most people don’t realize how simple it can be. Automatic backups only need to be scheduled once—after that, the software handles encrypting the data, wirelessly transferring it to a monitored data center, and keeping it at the ready. You can restore data almost instantly with a few clicks. This accessibility is mandated by the SEC, but it’s a benefit you’ll quickly come to rely on.

Backing up data protects businesses from deletion, alternation, or destruction of information, whether accidentally or deliberately. Best of all, it won’t require an entire reworking of the budget; systems are scalable, so you only pay for as much storage as you need. Expand your backups as your company expands, so you’ll comply with regulations and have continuous data security.

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