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The ServerSafe Pilot (Managed Install) provides free pilot installs of ServerSafe. A pilot install is better than a free trial.  It is a fully functional version of the product and comes with FREE remote installation and remote training.  Once a pilot is installed, you are left with a working backup product that is installed according to our best practices recommendations.  The pilot includes:

Best Practices install by a technical support representative

A working system that will properly protect the data selected

A working reporting system that will automatically keep you informed of backups

A working knowledge of the system that allows you to change to your backups

A free trial that actually allows you to truely evaluate the effectivness of the product

There is no committment and you DO NOT need to supply billing information.  If you like how the system works, then you may elect to continue coverage by returning a service agreement.  If you do not like the product, you may uninstall it at any time.

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