Server Backup for Business

Server Backup and Data RecoveryEvery business and individual has specific online backup needs, which is why we offer products and services that can be tailored to deliver precise solutions. Whether you oversee multiple backup locations, need to comply with financial or medical legislation, or want a record of all your email correspondence, our turnkey server backup solutions help your business run smoothly, with the assurance of security and compliance.


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Dedicated Backup Solutions


Our dedicated and multi-tenant backup solutions customize our services to your needs, or you can investigate our continuous data protection for coverage that never skips a second. Backup your entire Exchange server or Oracle server, as well as data from multiple locations. If you’re required to comply with SEC, HIPPA, SARBOX, or other regulations, we can ensure that you are storing all of the necessary data to maintain complete compliance. We also offer WORM archiving, for old data that you need to retain in a secured, unalterable state.

Browse through our existing solutions, and contact us if you don’t find the perfect answer to your specific concern. We’ll happily work with you to create an ideal and individualized package for your business.

Advantages of Offsite Backup

A fully-managed, offsite backup solution provides you with a cost-effective way to implement a bullet-proof data protection strategy. Here are some key advantages:

Faster Backup Sessions – disk-to-disk backup combined with compression, de-duplication, incremental and block-level backup technologies dramatically reduce the amount of data and the time to send your backups offsite.

Faster Backup Restores – Individual files that are were accidentally deleted or become corrupt can now be restored in minutes versus hours.

Superior Backup Reliability – Validation, autonomic healing, and reliable disk-based backups means the vulnerability of your organization having incomplete or corrupted backups is virtually eliminated.

Better Backup Security – Your data is AES encrypted and sent to redundant, hardened facilities protected by multiple security measures including continuous closed circuit video surveillance, 24/7 electronic card key access, biometric palm scan and individual personal access codes.

Lower Cost and Productivity Benefits – Server Backup is deployed with just a single software install and requires no investment in expensive hardware. The “pay as-you-grow” system is based on the amount of compressed, de-duplicated data you need to store offsite at our data centers. The time and effort required by IT staff to perform and manage backups is dramatically reduced.

Regulatory Data Compliance – Disciplined, automatic off-site backups help companies comply with newer regulatory requirements, including Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, SEC/NASD and other industry specific regulations.