Exchange Server Backup

Exchange Server Backup

Emails are integral to any business: they provide a record of communication, serve as proof of contracts or agreements, and contain a host of other useful information. In short, they aren’t something you want to lose. Exchange Server Backup uses its advanced technologies to simplify the system administrator’s job by easily maintaining a complete, accessible backup database of the entire Exchange. It’s hosted on one machine and is powered by the Internet, so you can centrally manage all of your data protection processes.

The data backup process is swift—disk-to-disk transfers are much faster than backing up to tape. Restoring backed up data also happens in a flash, with a few clicks. Part of the reason for this speed is the intelligent technology that uses in backing up. It has the capability to recognize multiple copies of the same attachment or other data—in a forwarded email, for example—and only sends it to the data centers once. This reduces not only the time it takes to back information up, but also the amount of storage needed, and therefore the cost of the backup. Get a Fast Quote now.

Exchange Backup Features:

server backupLive Exchange Backup. Back up open Exchange databases 24/7 with no plug ins and third-party software is required.

server backupMessage Level Restore. Quickly and easily backup and restore individual or group emails at the mailbox level, without interrupting the email server. Restoring only selected mailboxes or emails, instead the entire Exchange database.

server backupFast Backup, Fast Restore. Disk-to-Disk (D2D) backups at a fraction of the time it takes to backup to tape. Data is restored with a few mouse clicks. Save a copy of designated file sets locally for fast LAN-speed recoveries. Bare-metal restores are supported as well.

server backupSmart Backup Technology. Exchange server databases in most offices contain multiple emails with the same attachment which can often take up a sizable amount of space. Server Backup Smart Backup detects duplicate data across your network and sends only one copy to the data centers. Bandwidth usage is reduced for backup while also reducing storage space costs.

server backupHard-Coded Security. Security is hard-coded into the Server Backup solution by providing encryption for data both in-flight and at-rest. Only you have access.

server backupBandwidth Throttling. Server Backup adjusts the speed of the backup to available WAN bandwidth to head off bottle-necks.

server backupSelf Managed Service. You are able to compress, encrypt, backup, store and recover the data on desktops, servers and laptops to and from our world-class data center facilities.

server backupLAN Speed Restore. Server Backup enables local storage and recovery of designated file sets in compressed format to preserve storage capacity. Critical data does not have to be retrieved across the WAN, but instead is restored at LAN speed.

server backupShort Backup Windows through Common File Elimination (CFE), Delta Block Processing and compression maximizes data transfer rates for much faster backup and recovery.

server backupEnd-to-End Security. Data is encrypted at your site at the AES 256 standard, the highest-level of encryption commercially available. It is stored encrypted at our secure data centers, and remains encrypted until it returns to you.

server backupRegulatory Compliance. Server Backup remote server backup solution helps you comply with the latest rules including those mandated by Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, HITECH, SEC Rule 17a, the Patriot Act, and others.