Oracle Database Backup

Oracle is a must for most businesses, and that means it’s also a server that must be backed up. Whether you use Oracle for your payroll needs, resource planning, or general systems management, it handles business-critical applications that you can’t risk losing even for a moment. ServerSafe’s Oracle Backup is there to meet that need, with comprehensive, secure backups to ensure that your data is both accessible and protected.

Only one host machine is required; ServerSafe pulls data from as many machines as you name, without the need to install separate software on each of them. This allows you to manage your entire backup from one place. The data is encrypted for transfer to and from our offsite data centers, as well as remaining in code while it is there, and the Internet makes for a swift sending process.

Because Oracle is such an integral part of your business, ServerSafe runs all of the data protection processes live, without ever needing to shut down all or part of the server. These transfers are automatic, so you don’t need to be on call for a backup; you can continue the day-to-day workings of your business secure in the knowledge that your information is continually protected.

When you need a piece of information, a few clicks bring it quickly back to you. In case of a virus, theft, or natural disaster, it’s all still easily available, so you can rebuild from the moment before trouble occurred. With no cap on the number of computers or servers, ServerSafe gives you the ability to keep every bit of data on your Oracle servers safe and at the ready—easily, efficiently, and cost-effectively.