SQL Database Backup


We offer SQL database backup and recovery with an advanced end-to-end solution that compresses, encrypts and sends the data across your network directly to our offsite storage vaults. Your data is available for immediate recovery whenever and where ever you need it.

Server Backup Remote Server Backup features:

server backupHot SQL Backup. Open files are an issue in most backup environments. However, Server Backup enables live SQL backup for 24/7 application availability which represents a key benefit

server backupMultiple Versions. With Server Backup you set the default number of versions that are retained. In the event SQL databases become corrupt or lost, you have the option to restore the most recent copy or choose from multiple previous versions. Server Backup backs up a new version of a file only when it has changed, which saves storage space by never storing the same version more than once.

Automated Backup – Simple Recovery

server backupFast Backup, Fast Restore. Disk-to-Disk (D2D) backups quickly and your SQL database can be restored with a few mouse clicks. Server Backup also enables a local copy of designated file sets to be backed up as well for fast LAN-speed recovery

server backupHard-Coded Security. Security is hard-coded into the Server Backup solution by providing encryption for data both in-flight and at-rest. Only you have access

server backupBare Metal Restore from a local copy of file sets you designate for quick and easy recovery

server backupSelf Managed Service.  You are able to compress, encrypt, backup, store and recover the data on desktops, servers and laptops to and from our world-class data center facilities.


server backupWide OS and Database Support  is delivered which supports backup for data on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, VMware, SQL and Oracle databases.

server backupShort Backup Windows through Common File Elimination (CFE), Delta Block Processing and compression maximizes data transfer rates for faster backup and recovery.

server backupEnd-to-End Security.  Data is encrypted at the AES standard at your site before transmission and is stored encrypted at our secure data centers.

server backupRegulatory Compliance.  Remote server backup supports your compliance efforts with regulatory agencies including Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, SEC Rule 17a, the Patriot Act, and others.

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