VMWare Backup

VMware Server Online Backup

ServerSafe is an automated offsite backup solution that offers an easy and efficient way to protect VMs and VMware servers. ServerSafe is an all-in-one service that includes everything you need for offsite backup and recovery � no expensive hardware or software needed. Reliability and ease of use make ServerSafe ideal for businesses of all sizes that need to protect vital information from sudden destruction.

ServerSafe features:

Centralized Backup and Recovery. Just install ServerSafe on one host machine and the ServerSafe software will automatically discover all the VMs on your VMware server or servers. The ServerSafe application will display the complete VMware installation tree (the physical server, the virtual machines/templates and each VM’s directories and files) so you can easily select what needs to be backed up and how often (hourly, nightly, continuously, or whenever). If you decide to back up the entire VMware server, any new VMs are automatically backed up.

Hot VM Backup. ServerSafe can back up VMs in the midst of production operations without disruption to your production windows. Effortlessly back up open Exchange and SQL databases (while they are in use) for 24/7 availability. No need to buy and install plug-ins, third-party software, scripts or other workarounds.

ESX Level Backup. No longer back up the entire VM file every time – ServerSafe backs up changes to files down to a 4KB block level which allows extremely fast backup and recovery (minutes versus hours).

Data De-duplication. Since data used by new VMs may be very similar to the data that is used by the original VM, ServerSafe deduplicates the data across all your VMs during backups. With deduplication, in many cases little or no new backup data is added to your offsite storage so the net cost to protect this data is minimal or even zero.

File Level Recovery at the VM and Guest OS Level allows standard backup abilities to virtual server environments.

Hot Database Backup. ServerSafe backs up open Exchange and SQL databases (while they are in use) for 24/7 availability. Unlike other solutions, ServerSafe does not need to shut down these applications just to do a backup. Benefit from hot backup of your live databases without the need to buy and install plug-ins, third-party software, scripts or other workarounds. Also backs up MySQL, PostgreSQL, Lotus Notes and more.

Fast Restore. When an event occurs, ServerSafe reduces your recovery times to just minutes or seconds. Point-and-click restore allows you to recover the database to the same or a different location for effortless business continuity.

Multi-Platform. ServerSafe not only backs up Windows platforms, but can back up all files and documents company-wide including Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, AS-400 and much more.

Continuous Protection. ServerSafe features continuous data protection (CDP) for Windows and Linux file systems. With CDP enabled, you can create continuous protection backup sets for certain key data sets so that critical information is backed up continuously (versus a once nightly backup, for example). This eliminates the problem of losing important information (such as emails) before they are ever backed up.

Easy to Deploy. ServerSafe supports all major operating systems and key business applications. After just one software install on a host machine, ServerSafe leverages your internet connectivity so you can backup and recover any machine on your network. Easy software deployment means no additional hardware to buy.

Centralized Management. Monitor and manage the entire backup and recovery process from one machine for easy, single-pane-of-glass management.

Fast Recovery. Reduce your recovery times with item level restores to original or alternate locations. With just a few mouse clicks, recover data in minutes versus the hours that legacy backup systems take.

32- and 64-bit Editions. ServerSafe supports single or multi-core x64 processors for maximum performance and scalability. ServerSafe is a true multi-threaded backup application which processes several orders of magnitude more data and allows larger data block reduction for near real-time distributed data protection. ServerSafe can support tens of thousands of concurrent backup/restore activities. The 64-bit ServerSafe edition can process block-level incremental backup and deduplication for files up to 4TB.

Data Deduplication. Since data used by many users may be very similar, ServerSafe deduplicates your data while backing up. With deduplication, far less new backup data is added to your offsite storage so the net cost to protect this data is minimal or even zero.

Bare Metal Recovery. Advanced “bare-metal restore” flexibility as data does not have to be restored to an identical machine, and with ServerSafe you can restore enterprise applications such as Exchange, SQL Server and Oracle. Bare-metal restore feature allows for recovery of email and other data without OS reinstalls or hardware reconfigurations.

Incremental Forever. After your initial “full backup” all subsequent backups are incremental for faster, more efficient backups.

Hard-Coded Security. Security is hard-coded into the backup solution with end-to-end data encryption (no plug-ins or third-party software to integrate).

Totally Managed Service. The ServerSafe solution enables you to compress, encrypt, backup, store and recover the data on desktops, servers and laptops to and from our world-class data center facilities. The NetMass managed service eliminates the time, manpower and resources in purchasing, deploying and maintaining a highly reliable backup and recovery solution on your own.

Simple Pricing Model. No more per machine charges. ServerSafe charges are based on the amount of compressed data that is to be protected, not on the number of machines or servers. Enjoy granular protection without expensive licensing, management and other pricing penalties.