Windows Server Backup

If your business uses Microsoft Small Business Server 2003, 2008 or 2012, Server Backup is a powerful complement to your current environment. It is best for image- and file-based backup of a Windows server. It is designed for small business with limited or no IT personnel and where centralized management is not a requirement.

Small Business Server backs up only data that resides on your MS-Small Business Server host machine. ServerSafe on the other hand, securely and automatically backs up all your data — server data as well as the important data stored on machines across your local area network.

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Install the ServerSafe client on your host system and leverage your existing internet connectivity to manage all data protection processes centrally for seamless offsite server backup. ServerSafe D2D (disk-to-disk) backups happen at a fraction of the time it takes to backup to tape, and data is ready for immediate restore with a few mouse clicks.